StreetFocus is a collaboration between CycleStreets Ltd and PlanIt.


The project is being led by CycleStreets Ltd, a social enterprise based in Cambridge. We produce a leading UK-wide cycle journey planner at

Martin, Developer and Director of CycleStreets Ltd, will be leading the project. He is an experienced web developer, with strong interests in open data and code, the planning system, and cycling advocacy. He will be assisted by fellow Developer and Director Simon.

Nikolai, is our Cyclescape developer, and is part of the CycleStreets team during this project.

CycleStreets’ routing data feed is used by third parties such as Citymapper and other consumer-facing apps, by various Local Authorities in public-facing systems we host for them, by consultancy companies, and others. Our routing data is critical to two tools recommended by the Department for Transport.


We will be collaborating with PlanIt.